Plus Size Wench Costume

Are there some great plus size wench costumes for Halloween this year?
Yes siree!!! there certainly are. These plus size wench costumes are just lovely. You can be sassy, sexy and step out in one of the most flattering Halloween costumes that will turn heads as soon as you put it on.

The range we have selected for you is wonderful. From High Seas Pirate Wench plus size costumes to Tavern Wench Plus, to Sexy Saloon Girl to Pirate wenches, Gretchen wenches and sexy Pirate Plus size wenches.

Lots to choose from, lots of fun in store for you when you dress up in one of these plus size costumes from We deal with the largest online costume store, they have the best prices, quality, fantastic service and make your shopping for a plus size costume so, so easy.

High Seas Pirate Adult Plus Costume

High Seas Pirate Adult Plus Costume

High Seas Pirate Adult Plus Costume

You don’t have to be sailing the High Seas to wear this Pirate Wench Plus Size costume but you could find your High Seas pirate mate when you are wearing it.

Very flattering plus size costume with a burgundy skirt, white top and brown lace-up vest, puffy sleeves, a burgundy head scarf and a gold skull pin.

The sword, tights and boots are not included but you can complete this lovely outfit by ordering them when you order your costume.

So say “Aye Aye Captain” and get ready for a fun night this Halloween or any dress-up party that you are going to.

Sexy Saloon Girl Adult Plus Costume

Sexy Saloon Style.

Whenever you enter a room wearing this sexy saloon wench plus size costume, people will know that you hold all the aces.

Your tavern wench costume has a seductive maroon peasant top mini dress with a black bustier.  There is an attached black sparkle crinoline plus you get the sexy black lace garter with it’s little toy gun, long satin gloves, wide fishnet stockings and a sassy black lace fan.

You would need your own shoes or you can order the shoes when you order the costume as the shoes are not included.

The design of this costume, with the shape of the bustier, the length of the skirt, gives the appearance of a taller figure, which in turn gives a slimming effect to the wearer.

Sexy Saloon Girl Adult Plus Costume

Sexy Saloon Girl Adult Plus Costume

Tavern Wench Adult Plus Costume

Tavern Wench Adult Plus Costume

Tavern Wench Adult Plus Costume

This Tavern Wench Plus Size costume is designed to show off your best features and hide the ones you don’t like.

If you are a buxom babe, this costume will show you off to your best advantage. The shape of the lace-up corset will elongate the position of your waist, the length of the skirt, just below the knee will give a longer line and so a taller image of you and the sleeves will hide the part of the arm that most of us don’t want on show but still have the lower part of the arm looking fetching.

The beer mug, tights and boots are not included, you may have your own but if not you can purchase these items when you order your Tavern Wench Costume.

You will be amazed at the compliments you will receive when you wear this costume to your next Halloween or dress-up party.


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- In British Modern English is a colloquial term for a young woman or girl, especially a peasant girl, a woman servant or a wanton woman a wench.

Through the movies and novels we have come to know pirate wench, kitchen wenches, tavern wenches.

They all have one thing in common. They are mainly portrayed as buxom lasses who love a good time.

Although they are cheerful and jolly, there is often a glimpse of sadness, only a glimpse mind you. Wenches tend to keep their private lives private, often times there is unrequited love or they are in love with someone who is considered above them in the social order.